Violence District
PSOGL2 071
The Gray Man

The Violence District is a coastal urban area within the dreamscape only seen at night. The city contains alleyways, docks, high-rises, streets, warehouses, and overpasses. It is often considered to be one of the most frightening areas in the game for new players.

A number of events and objects can appear in this area, many of which are negative and can lead to having a downer dream if linked with or approached. Some examples include dead women that appear hanging from lamp-posts, somebody repeatedly kicking a corpse, and a cloaked person with a gun who can shoot you.

Other Information Edit

  • The player can occasionally spawn on top of a building. When this happens, taking a step in any direction will either cause you to fall to your death, or appear safely in an alley below.
  • The Gray Man can appear here.
  • Sometimes everything in the area will stretch upwards without warning.
  • The Violence District is one of the main locations connected to the Natural World via tunnel.