It's been almost a year since I started working on a "new version" of LSD; Dream emulator. Sadly, I had a lot of personal issues that completly stopped my work, and most of the progress I made has been lost. (Engine progress, models, textures...) It wasn't that much work done, but still I'm starting from scratch again.

On the good news, I'm decided to make this happen. I'm investing 100% of my free time on this, hopefully I will archieve a complete working game on a soon future.

At the moment, I have no plans in charging for the game. Mainly because it's a personal project rather than a profesional grade game. I'm using free versions of developing tools, and I'm not spending money at all. (Maybe $10 worth on coffee... but that's not on the main budget... Hehe)

For those interested in the game, I'm also setting up a webpage with information, estimated relase dates, details, donations and more. I repeat what I said on the first entry; "Maybe I will never finish this project", but I'm putting a lot of effort on this. I hope to finish this, and I'm doing my best!

Cheers and good wishes always welcome, I'm making this for all of you,  the small cult behind LSD; Dream emulator game. Games are made for the players, and that's you. (:

The game engine is Unity 3, I'm using Blender for models and props, maybe I'll be using Unity for animations. For textures, pictures and in-game videos I'm using the powerful Adobe suit, with Photoshop and After Effects leading the group. I'm currently trying to master this programs to feel confident enought to start with the hard work.

Any suggestions, questions, good wishes and else are 1000% encouraged and welcome!!!