First entry of the blog.

A little background for this; I want to make a game like LSD: dream emulator... but "updated" or "fresh" if you want to call it like that. I am studying computer stuff, but it's not enought to develop a game in one day. Actually, I might never finish it. (Hopefully, I will finish it). My personal life is a complete mess, but obviously you didn't came here to read me crying about life, so... well. Where was I ?

Oh yeah. Well. I think that if I keep a record of what I'm doing, maybe that will motivate me to continue.So here I am !

-Here I start to talk about the real developing;

I am working on the main game engine. Of course I am not programming it, you silly ! I'm looking for one. At the moment, I am working on "Unity 3D game engine". It seems really nice, and they have free stuff for indie developers. I have to read the user manual and all that things, but I think Unity is a good choice.

I have a lot of work to do. I may spend some time in the visual stuff, rather than the technical one. I mean, the game needs trippy stuff. I also need to study deeper in the original game. You don't really see the hard work that is behind a game until you see how it works !

I think the soundtrack will be one of the last things I will do. Mainly because I have never composed something in the computer, and I prefer to work harder on the visuals.

Do you have suggestions ? Questions ? Do you want to tell me how I suck ? Do it in the comments. (There is a section to comment, isn't it ?...)