There is four days until LSD Revamped is going to be released so, I thought I should write about my opinion on the game. 

I can say for a fact, that I am looking forward for it to be released; In fact, I monitor the blog that he is posting the game on. But what I think is that, I am happy to hear that someone is taking pride in making a remake of LSD but, the way that the game is being made I am honistly not looking forward. The fact is that there will be modding, and gameplay changes.

I am not saying this is bad, but if you are going to make a "Remake" of a game, then, you would think that it would follow that hard facts of the game, and let you play it like you are playing the original, but so far what I am expecting is a highly fan-made "Version" other then "Remake" or "Revamped", but don't get me wrong, a revamped game is probably going to be modded a bit. But currently, it seems like the Dev is working more on modded parts instead of the proper machanics.

If I where him, I would probably release two versions, one that is the original closed scorce of the game, and another that is open-scource and that can be highly modded.

Another opinion is that it seems, even though the game was out for almost 16 years that we still don't know everything about the game, so I think that some people, like us on the Wiki, should keep doing research on the game before making a full remake. It seems like there is a bigger community on the LSD Revamped side that could be used to do alot of research on the game.

But putting those opinions to the side, I think that it is an awesome idea to make a remake, but I just think that it still needs a bit more research.

Anyway, that's my opinion. It's a free contry so hey!