Day 256

Spawn: BMC; normal

Rating: 1 DYNC / 1 UP; Left eye, inner, face

Gray man: Yes (perhaps); Met & touched, no post-day effects.

Death: Yes

Links: 10 WH; 1 GT

Fake place: No

M clip: No

m clip: No

Locations: 3, P&T / 2, HT / 2, BMC / VD / EC

Textures: kanji, 7 / normal, 5 / happy

Day's history

WH; P&T, normal -> WH; HT, normal -> WH; SB, kanji -> WH; P&T, kanji -> GT; NW, kanji -> WH; HT, kanji ->

-> WH; VD, normal -> WH; BMC, kanji -> WH; P&T, normal -> WH; KYO, kanji -> WH; EC, normal ->

-> WH; NW, normal -> BLA, END

Day's notes

That gray man, going through a wall ( I think that I was in the VD when this happened), hit me but luckily there weren't any post-dream effects. It seems that graph events happen only once, like the clip playlist.

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