Day 249

Spawn: Kyoto

Rating: 1 DYNC; inner, face ( this two words are explained on my LSD viewed by Linking System Device page)

Gray Man: No

Death: No

Links: 3 WH; 2 BLU; 2 GT

Fake Place: No

M clip: No

m clip: No

Locations: HT; SB; P&T; 2, NW; BMC; VD - - - -> This line indicates which location I've seen and how many times.

Textures: 6, normal; 1, happy - - - -> This line indicates which texture sets I've encontered and how many times.

Day's History - - - -> This represents in what order things happen in a day.

WH; HT, happy - > BLU; SB, normal -> BLU; P&T, normal -> GT; NW, normal -> WH, VD, no-rmal -> WH; BMC, normal -> GT; NW, normal -> END

  • For Locations line; HT= Happytown VD= Violence District NW= Natural World KYO= Kyoto SB= Sun Bridge ( Sun Faces Heave) P&T= Pit and Temple DOJO= Dojo GS= Gray Space ( to not be confused with GT, which means Gray tunnel) MP= Monument Park MP= Moon Pagoda ( or Moonlight Tower) EC= Endless COrridor CR= Clockwork Room ( Clockwork Machines in the wiki).
  • For the Day's History; The Day's history represents in what order of how I've got the link flashes, the order of how I've viseted the various locations and the order of how I've met the various texture sets under the form of "data blocks" . I decided to write a data block in this way: Link Flash; Location, texture set (soundtrack from day 277 and the entities I've met from day 283). The "->" symbol tells that via linking (using the Gray Tunnels is still considered linking for me) I changed location. The first data block doesn't have the "->" symbol because I decided to skip writing this: Spawn -> First Data.