Day 248

Spawn: Kyoto

Rating: 2 DOWN, 1 DYNC

Gray Man: No

Death: Yes - - - -> This will tell you if I died in the Day

Links: 4 WH; 1 BLA; 1 GT( Gray tunnels)

Fake Place: No - - - -> This means if I ended my dream by appearing in a fake place( explained below)

M clip: No - - - -> This means if I got a Major clip

m clip: No - - - -> This means if I got a Minor clip

  • For the Fake Place line: sometimes during the day you might end up in area of a location where if you move, you fall and then die; I call those areas "fake places".
  • The M clip, m clip, Fake Place and Death lines have been "erased" on Day 277; at their place I've put only the line END, which tells you about how the day finished. If I got a M clip, starting from day 277, I'll wrtite it in the Spawn line.
  • For the M clip and the m clip lines: Major clip means a clip that will last one whole day, not allowing you to explore the LSD world and they always give you the Nose rating [I.E. the Sheep clip]; Minor clip means a clip that must be found in the LSD world to see it [I.E. the Planes clip].

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