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  • Linking System Device

    Wow, it's been almost two years since I last wrote a blog page. I feel kind of ashamed (v_v). Well it doesn't matter now; because what I've been doing will make up for it, at least partially ( I hope) ( / _ \). 

    So what is it ?

    It's a list of all the places and events of the world of LSD: Dream Emulator. However, this doesn't mean this will be just another simple dream journal. No. This time I wrote the coordinates for each thing. Meaning that if you want you can reach those in less than a second if you use the Trainer of Confuseme (to whom I say thanks for making all of this possible). Keep in mind that the list is largely incomplete. There a lot of things that still need to be discovered and recorded, but I think what I have now is not that bad. …

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  • Linking System Device

    After a long period of inactivity, I've finally decided to write blog posts again. But this time it will be about walkflying and the discoveries made using the trainer  created by Confuseme . Oh, and the other series I started about all the days I played on LSD Dream Emulator will be discontinued since I don't feel like continuing it. IMPORTANT NOTE: everything written in this guide is based on my personal experience.

    First off, let me introduce the basics of walkflying. I assume that you've played with the trainer a bit, so I may leave something out. Allow me to start from some definition you'll find in this guide :

    Walkflying in this guide means walking at any Z coordinate different from zero.

    Teleporting in this guide means the act of changin…

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  • Linking System Device

    Day 262

    August 7, 2013 by Linking System Device

    Day 262

    • Spawn: DOJO; normal.
    • Rating: 3 UP; inner, face.
    • Gray man: Yes; 3 times; no touching.
    • END: Death.
    • Links: 5 WH; 3 BLU.
    • Locations: 3 NW / 2 KYOTO / DOJO / 2 HT / SB.
    • Textures: 5 evil / 2 kanji / 2 normal.
    • Day's History.
    Spawn -> WH -> KYOTO, kanji -> WH -> HT, evil -> BLU -> NW, evil -> WH -> HT, evil -> BLU -> SB, normal ->  -> BLU -> NW, evil -> WH -> KYOTO, kanji -> WH -> NW, evil -> END, black.
    • Day's notes.
    Starting from this day on, I've made the format shorter. Hope you like it. Explaination page coming soon.
    • Original notes.
    I think that some strange stuff is going to happen...
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  • Linking System Device

    Day 261

    August 6, 2013 by Linking System Device

    Day 261

    • Spawn: KYOTO; normal.
    • Rating: 1 UP, 2 DYNC; inner, face.
    • Gray man: No.
    • Death: No.
    • Links: 7 WH; 1 GT.
    • Fake place: No.
    • M clip: No.
    • m clip: No.
    • Locations: 3 NW / 2 KYOTO / 2 DOJO / HT / EC.
    • Textures: 3 kanji / 4 normal / 2 evil.
    • Day's History.
    Spawn -> WH -> NW, normal -> WH -> KYOTO, kanji -> GT -> DOJO, normal -> WH -> HT, kanji -> WH ->     -> NW, kanji -> WH -> DOJO, normal -> WH -> EC, evil -> WH -> NW, evil -> End (flash colour unsigned)
    • Day's Notes.
    I've updated the format of my blogposts... expect a Blog post that explains everything soon... As for now, do you like this format ?
    • Original Notes.
    When I arrived at the end of the EC, I was "bumped" backwards.
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  • Linking System Device

    Day 260

    April 18, 2013 by Linking System Device

    Day 260.

    Spawn: BMC; kanji.

    Rating: 3 STAT, 1 UP; inner, face.

    Gray man: No.

    Death: No.

    Links: 3 WH; 1 GT.

    Fake place: No.

    M clip: No.

    m clip: No.

    Locations: P&T / 2, BMC / FT / NW

    Textures: kanji, 4 / normal.

    Day's history.

    WH; P&T, kanji -> GT; FT, kanji -> WH; BMC, normal -> WH; NW, kanji -> RED; END.

    Day's notes.

    Um, too many short dreams recently, all ending with a red flash; meaning ? BOH !

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