• Badcafe

    Hello! Just a bit ago I removed a large section from the Chart article, but in the edit summary I don't think I explained myself very well at all. I used the wrong word entirely, too. Sorry about that.

    I said that I removed the Speculation section because it was very wordy while containing almost nothing "substantiated". That doesn't really make sense, because by definition you wouldn't expect there to be anything fully substantiated in a Speculation section.

    What I meant is that there was barely anything empirical about it. Phrases like "linking repeatedly with trees seems to result in a static dream" are great, because it's something more people can confirm and look further into. Phrases like "downer possibly represents the player's subcon…

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  • Badcafe

    Get your SoundFonts here!

    February 4, 2017 by Badcafe

    There didn't seem to be a working download for the LSD SoundFonts anywhere! I tried extracting them myself, failed, managed to get them from a now-nonexistant Twitter user (he knew too much, I guess), and made a little guide to using them.



    Shared Google Drive folder everything's in, if you don't want a direct download

    Enjoy :D

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