Triggers is a game mechanic sort of like linking, but instead causes live events in the world, but not effecting the player.

Known Triggers Edit

  • Touching the Lion in the Natural World causes a trigger of the player getting pushed back wards.
  • When arriving a close distance away from The Gray Man the player triggers the screen to flash and The Gray Man disappears causing the Flashback option in the game menu to disappear. 
  • When walking through the Violence District the player has a chance of making all of the objects stretch upwards, the limit of how many times this can happen is based on how long the player is in the area. 
  • When walking through the hotels in the Violence District this triggers a soda can to be thrown at the player. 
  • In Happy Town, the player standing in the middle of the Ferris Wheel causes the game to play a cut scene and cause the game to end. 
  • In The Bright Moon Cottage the player either can run or walk down the stares and triggers the game to automatically make you walk down the stairs to prevent getting caught in the stairs and linking with no intention.  
  • In the Bright Moon Cottage going in front of the bear triggers it to get up and follow you.  
  • In The Natural World going to the top of the mountain and going near the window will trigger it to open causing the player to link to Black Space.  
  • In The Violence District the player walking up to the girl, causes either few different triggers. The girl will teleport away from the player on contact. The player walking in front of the girl will cause her head to fall off and make her start floating towards the player much like the gray man, albeit disabling the option to move, and she links on contact.  
  • When walking in Kyoto entering the house with the old lady, facing to the door, the wall on the left will link you to the Clockwork Machines or the Sun Faces Heave  

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