Triggers are a game mechanic similar to linking but causing live events in the world, not effecting the player.

Known Triggers Edit

  • Touching the Lion in the Natural World causes a trigger of the player getting pushed back wards.
  • Coming to close to The Gray Man will trigger the screen to flash and causes The Gray Man to disappear. This also temporarily removes the Flashback option in the game menu. 
  • Walking through the Violence District the player can trigger all objects to stretch upwards. The number of these events are based on how long the player is in the area. 
  • Walking by the hotels in the Violence District  triggers a soda can to be thrown at the player. 
  • Standing in the middle of the Ferris Wheel in Happy Town will play a cut scene and bring the dream to an end. 
  • In The Bright Moon Cottage the player either can run or walk down the stairs and triggering the movement automatically to avoid the hazard of being caught in the stairs and linking with no intention.  
  • Standing in front of the bear in the Bright Moon Cottage triggers the bear to move and follow you.  
  • Approaching the window in The Natural World at the top of the mountain will trigger the window to open linking the player to the Black Space.  
  • Walking up to the Ghost Woman in The Violence District can cause a few different triggers.
    • The woman can teleport away upon approach.
    • Moving in front of the woman can cause her head to fall followed by her slow approach (similar to the Gray Man) disabling movement, and linking on contact.