On occasion the game will not place you in the dream world, but instead show you a page of text. Text dreams automatically end after ten to twelve seconds and always result in an entirely neutral entry on the dream chart; Neither static or dynamic, upper or downer.

Some of the text dreams are shortened versions of entries from the dream journal, while others are not.

The dreams use a very scruffy font and look like they're hand written.

Below is a gallery of all the dreams that have been translated. The majority can be seen in context in CPCGamer's playthrough.

Dream Translation

"Onsen Travel House and Film Viewing"

I came to an old onsen travel house. A lot of people were gathered there watching some film. It [viewing] is required. I blend in with the crowd and watch the film projected in the reception hall. Yoko-chan from my class whispers to me: "There is a blonde person behind us."


"To myself who became famous"

There are singers posters. One of them is myself. I became famous. In one of the rooms in a large library, general questioners are waiting. As soon as I sit down they ask me "What is the meaning of the lyric ***?" Does it even matter?


"Regenerating the skin on your face"

The skin on your forehead or chin is slipping, peeling off. Underneath what has been peeled off, skin like that of a baby, is being created. The skin on your cheek is also about to peel off, however it won't come off so easily.


"Where is this?" [Tuesday, January 12th 1988]

Like a deep dark forest, I am wandering around. I can't get over the feeling that I've been to this place before.

The temple and the tower look much bigger than usual, and I feel as if I were lost in a world of immensity.

It's very dark with no sky up above, like being in the depths of the earth.

Anyway, it is a world that I know.


"A gas tube eating lion" [Sunday, February 28th 1988]

In the kitchen of my Meigetsu-so Apartment, I open the back door to find the remains of a torn-up gas tube.

Nearby are three of a family of lion-like animals.


"The sleeping Kannon is gazing upon the ocean"

The sleeping Kannon is lying sprawled, calmly placing all of its large body covering the four corners of a rectangular roof.

Beyond the roof, the ocean can be seen.

That's why the sleeping Kannon is gazing upon the ocean, sprawling its body. It's a very pleasant sight.


"Water cat" [Friday, November 10th 1989]

There's a big pond inside the house. I'm swimming in it and can see a big, bloated cat floating in the water.

It's called Watercat.

It's really soft, hugging it gives me a warm feeling. This cat can only be with me when I take my contact lenses out.


"I'm being chased."

I'm being chased by something. Something like an organisation.

The old, retired master of the small dressmaker shop is covering for me. However, I will continue to be chased by my enemies.


"Underwear shop"

At the foot of the hill, across from the video store, is an underwear shop.

The pile of underwear in the cardboard box is labelled "Cotton undergarments, 5 for 500 Yen"

Turning to the side of the store, inside a cardboard box, a large cat the size of a doberman is sold.

[Note: The diary doesn't say what kind of underwear is being sold, it just uses the generic 'undergarments']


"A bright flash"

There is a box on the living room table. It is a keepsake of someone that has passed. I am thinking of that person.

Suddenly, a white flash flew in from the window and exploded in front of my mother.

That light must have been the soul of the person who passed.


"Putting on lipstick" [Monday, July 10th 1989]

I am putting red rouge on somebody's lips with a lip brush.

From somewhere up above, I hear the persons voice, "You have to put it on much thicker or it will come off."

Pushed by the voice, I keep filling in the rouge; thicker and thicker, more and more carefully.


"The boy who fell" [Friday, April 28th 1989]

A car goes by, carrying a boy. Towards the slope, it falls. I am watching this scene. The boy is bleeding to death, horribly. Somehow I am not scared. [It is] as though this was an ordinary scene in my life.


"A turtle" [Sunday, May 7th 1989]

When I get to my seat, I see a small turtle. Its shell is cracked, as if it has fallen from somewhere. I find a container for this turtle and decide to keep it. I am worried I won't be able to keep it for long.


"An upside down woman" [Thursday, February 11th 1988]

An angry sea. A woman is tied upside-down to a big tree by the sea. Maybe it is a warning, or to contain some power she may have? The woman gazes at the far end of the sea, waiting for help to come.


"The escape of the lions" [Saturday, October 6th 1990]

There are many ships docked here. Two lions, a father and child, are being chased. The father lion is taken away somewhere. The cub, chased by a navy captain, runs around the harbour and falls into the sea. He survives and hides in a ship to search for his father.


“Catching a frog” [Tuesday, November 13th, 1990]

The street is a deep river. The water came up to my chest. I find a small frog and try to catch it. I’m squeezing its soft body, but the disgusting feeling woke me up.


"The raining room" [April 8th 1989]

The noise of the rain is very loud. The floor underneath the kotatsu table in the centre of the room is also wide open. I jump up, but there is nothing I can do about it. It looks like there's another dark space on the ceiling as well. Soon, I start feeling like the entire room is shrinking.


"Meigetsu-so apartment building; I am stealing some wine" [Friday, January 1st 1988]

I'm inside the Meigetsu-so apartment building. I'm enjoying a nice view of my own room. There is a boy drinking wine and eating sausages. I asked for a glass of wine and he gave it to me for free. I can also see a person picking up the telephone, who I'm assuming is myself.


"Holding my hand"

Then the car, as if drilling into the old tree's centre, runs towards the house. The late great-grandmother came out. "You came back for me, didn't you?" she said, while passing away. She held my hand.


"Ninth floor"

The ninth floor of the apartment. In the past, an old lady used to live near the Japanese-style room. She was half insane. She was saying all kinds of bad things. Even if I asked her something it was like she couldn't hear anything.


"Symmetrical twins" [Thursday, March 5th 1992]

My great grandmother has become symmetrical twins. She would usually help me, but not today.


"A wet old man and a basin" [Monday, April 3rd 1989]

Standing outside, in the area where we dry our laundry is a chubby old man. Rain is pouring down. We sit him on a chair, clean his muddy, bare feet and order a girl to get a basin filled with water. My eyes keep returning to the milky white colour of the basin.


"Burying a book" [Wednesday, September 27th 1989]

I’m burying a book in the deeply dug ground. I am doing this for the education of children.


"Just a baby, but his face is grown-up" [Sunday, February 7th 1988]

It’s been a while since I saw the Kurushimas’ baby.

I’m looking at his face and it’s all grown up, but the rest of him is still a baby.

All I can say is "My, how much you’ve grown!"


"Swimming pool room in Hawaii" [Monday, February 19th 1989]

I visit a woman in her room and find it is filled with water, like a swimming pool.

A button is pushed, the water recedes and the whole place dries instantly.

Seeing the stunned look on my face, the woman tells me it’s only possible in Hawaii because the air is so dry.


"The room with a captured elephant" [Friday, May 12th 1989]

I run into a room; there is a big elephant and a man there.

The elephant has been completely shoved in so there’s practically no space left in the room.

It looks like the man and elephant are captured in this room together.


"Bizarre people" [Wednesday, September 27th 1989]

I see some bizarre people with the bodies of snakes and human heads standing around a square pond.

They are all wearing hats with feather ornaments, like medieval aristocrats, clothed in woven vests and holding large goblets in their hands.

I put big stones on their long bodies so they can’t move.


"Rabbit entrails" [Wednesday, October 4th 1989]

There are some rabbit entrails.

Someone says they are really tasty.

I picture a rabbit being skinned and taken apart.

Strangely, the image is not at all graphic; not a drop of blood spills.

A concert without music, a play without actors.


"The next king"

Many people have gathered here. From atop these stairs, I look down upon them.

A man who has decorated his naked body with black feathers is walking between the people gathered. It's the bext king, taking the place of the one who recently died.

He proceeds quietly and climbs the stairs.



I've come from a place far away. Further, I am really tired.

Why was no-one waiting for me?

Even here, I am alone. I don't have a place where I belong, and I don't have any place to go.


"My dying day"

I Antoni, was decided to be dead after the two-day chromatography

Mau thing. It's fate.

Die day two on the 16th. Also I want to stop from now, I'm dead.

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