When exploring the areas throughout the dream-scape, it’s possible to run into a teleport trigger. When this happens, the player will suddenly appear elsewhere within the area.

Some teleport triggers will only be present for the current dream, while others will always be there.

Known TriggersEdit

Kyoto Edit

  • If the Elderly Woman is present, one of the houses by the tree garden near the river will have a teleport trigger. This one will take the player to the back of another house.
  • Walking by the scaffolding can cause the player to teleport onto it.
  • There is a spot amid the abandoned houses which teleports you near the Giant Baby Head on the wall. Its unknown whether or not this teleport is fixed.
  • Walking near the river at the opposite side where the giant statues are in Kyoto, will teleport into a fenced closed area between the hand and the foot statue.

Natural World Edit

  • The Lions can teleport you a few steps back when running into them. This can also cause the dream to end shortly after.
  • Walking into the Tortoise while it's small will send you back several steps.
  • The cliff edge with the waterfall and rainbow can teleport the player to the opposite side of the cliff.

Flesh Tunnels Edit

  • When the two sumo fighters are present, walking into them will cause the player to teleport inside of the Flesh Tunnels.
  • There is another trigger at the entrance of the Flesh Tunnels that will teleport the player directly in the middle of the ring.

Violence District Edit

  • On the balcony/ledge: will teleport the player in front of a dead hanging woman.
  • Right next to the hanging woman: when walking past her, it's possible that the player will be teleported right back in front of her.
  • In the alleyways: can teleport the player inside of one of the warehouses.
  • Along the large road at the intersection: will send the player forward or back several steps depending on the direction it's approached from.

Temple Dojo Edit

  • Kids Tossing a Ball occasionally teleports you to a random room within the Temple Dojo.