Sun Faces Heave
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Gray Man

The Sun Faces Heave is an area that is simply a translucent bridge attached to two large faces. It appears to infinitely move through a pitch black void, as no end can be seen on either side of the bridge, just continuing on out of sight and being slightly obscured by the transparent faces. There appears to be a thin layer of fog on the bridge.

Sun Faces Heave also shares a close resemblance with Black Space.


There are four different faces that will appear in this area, all depending on the texture. However, nothing else is known to change in this area, aside from the pattern on the bridge.

Polygonal transparent shapes orbit clockwise around the faces.

The normal texture will have a round, yellowish-orange, sun-like face that has what appears to be a round dark blue gem in its forehead, and eyes that seem to resemble those of the ancient Egyptians. Its irises are the same color as the gem in its forehead, and it has two normal black pupils. It has lines on its face, darker but less vivid on the left side and darker and more vivid on the right side. The lines are similar in pattern to waves in the sand. Two of the waves meet at the top to form a shape similar to the symbol for Aries. It has a nose, which is very round and an outline that is very blurry. Underneath its mouth it has a pink lip, and no upper lip is showned face that slightly resembles a sun in the colors of the sunset, and an oval azure gem in its forehead, as well as a seemingly shocked expression with slanted oval eyes. It has waves all throughout it, in hot pink and in orange. The orange lines have a reddish aura, and seem more uncontrolled than the pink ones. The right side of the face has thinner lines, and the right side has thicker ones. The right side also seems to have slightly more vivid colors. The background of the face varies in its transparency, but is pink all throughout. 

The Sexual texture is a recolor of Nanshu (A character from Chu-Teng) that is jade green, and has yellow wing-like ears that are orange and with pink rings that get bigger the closer they are to the end of the ear. It has two lines that seem to make up its chin, leading up into its mouth, which has a strange reddish-pink mark under it with a purple dot near the bottom. It has a yellow nose, that has a red line going through it vertically which appears similar in pattern to tire tracks. The nose also has three stubs, forming much of its shape, and having a dark blue spot in each space between them, similar to the ones in the pattern it has on its forehead. Its eyes are a sapphire-like blueish gray and contain several indigo circles going around the eye and strange irises, which are pink pointed ovals with two yellow rings, and a circle with a dot inside it that has four stubs around it. On either side of these circles there is a shape that looks very similar to a star. Going around the eye, there are several small hot pink circles. These overlap with a pattern on its forehead, which consists of many rows of askewed indigo circles, getting bigger as they go higher up from the small circles above the face's nose.

The Kanji texture face is purple, with golden Kanji all throughout most of its body, which is comprised of a circle and several appendages shaped similar to lightning bolts, meant to resemble the outstretching fiery parts of the sun. These appendages are golden in color, as the Kanji is, and like the rest of its body, it is greatly varying in its shading. It appears to have an emerald green gem in its forehead, the same color as its irises, which are contained in eyes similar to those seen on the face from the normal texture and have pupils that are a slightly darker green. 

Each of the faces have black squares for mouths, with some having thin rectangles of dark red at the bottom of their mouths. They are all round, resembling the sun, and with gems on their foreheads, except for the one seen on the sexual texture.

The bridge leads directly into the two faces' mouths, which are actually tunnels. The only way to link to another area is to walk into the tunnel or touch the railing on the bridge.

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  • This area,along with Long Hallway are the only areas to not have any dynamic objects.

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