Monument Park after being stretched.

This phenomenon can happen to a number of things, from the entire area, to individual objects.

It is possible to trigger this even more than once.


  • In Monument Park, sometimes looking up at the Zeppelin can cause the whole area to slowly stretch upwards. This can happen more than once, which makes everything very tall.
  • When exploring the Violence District, the whole area can suddenly stretch upwards. It's still unknown what causes this. Like in Monument Park, this can happen more than once, which results in a double stretch.
  • Interacting with the ghosts in the Violence District can cause the whole area to slowly stretch downwards, eventually flattening.


Linking with stretched objects may take longer due to the framerate slowing down, but is no different.


LSD Dream Emulator - DOUBLE STRETCH!!!02:32

LSD Dream Emulator - DOUBLE STRETCH!!!

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