Eastern mind
Osamu Sato
Eiffel sato
April 14, 1960
Kyoto, Japan
President of OSD

Osamu Sato is a programmer and composer who founded and to this day runs the company OutSide Directors Company (known as OSD). He is known for being the creator of bizarre games such as LSD: Dream Emulator and Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou. Some people have come to believe that he died years ago, most likely because of the lack of updates from his company's Twitter and Youtube accounts, but in truth he is still alive, judging by his more-often updated Instagram account. He also seems to be a fan of The Beatles, Kiss and the Blues Brothers.

Work on LSDEdit

LSD: Dream Emulator is Osamu Sato's most famous work. He composed and created the 'patterns' and soundtracks for the game, some of his drawings appear as textures and so does his face in the floor of the Bright Moon Cottage. Despite popular belief, Osamu Sato did NOT write LSD's infamous Dream Journal.

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