LSD contains 490 unique audio tracks. Each area has its own five patterns that can be heard in any of seven different instrument sets which stay consistent throughout a day. The instrument set for a day is chosen at random each time a new day is started or when one of the opening clips is watched on the main menu screen, and the pattern for an area is randomly picked each time the player links to that area.

Instrument SetsEdit

AMBIENT: Low, atmospheric textures and pads.

CARTOON: Various typical cartoon sound effects such as horns, springs, and whistles.

ELECTRO: Synthesized sounds that have an electronic feel to them.

ETHNOVA: Traditional ethnic instruments such as taiko drums, sitar, and koto.

HUMAN: Human noises such as grunts, yells, hums, and laughs.

LOVELY: A combination of lighter toned instruments such as bells, choirs, and synthesizers.

STANDARD: Medium-low toned effects and instruments, has the most of what are considered more standard instruments such as violin, piano, and bass.