When exploring the dreamscape, almost anything you walk into will take you somewhere else. This is a system within the game called linking, as the areas in the game are linked by objects. Most reachable objects in the game can be linked with. When linking with something, a flash will occur, and the player will be sent to another area.


When linking, the flash can be a range of colors. This includes red, blue, cyan, green, pink, purple, yellow and completely black. Each seems to have a pattern for color links, which can be affected by observing objects and events, and the amount of time spent in an area. For example, in one dream a certain wall or object may give you a blue link, but if you observe something violent (man kicking corpse), the pattern will change and the link will become red.

Linking colors may change based on how long you have been playing, whether the game is a downer, or dynamic, and also based on the game's textures.


Depending on the Type of Link, the sounds can be distinctly different and unique.

Types of LinksEdit

There are two types of links, static and dynamic. They can be distinguished by the time that it takes to trigger the linking process.

Static (Fixed) LinkEdit

Some objects in the game can link you immediately to somewhere specific upon contact. These are fixed links, and will always take the player to the same place.

Known static links are:

  • The guard fences, and construction vehicle near the hole in the Violence District will link the player to the Clockwork Machines.
  • The wall directly behind the Orrery takes you back to the Violence District.
  • Linking with the base of the Ferris Wheel (Not triggering clip) links the player to Sun Faces Heave.
  • The Giant Head in the Bright Moon Cottage will always link to the Violence District.

Dynamic (Varied) LinkEdit

Most of the objects and the world can link the player to a variety of places. These links can change depending on how the player explores. The amount of time spent in one area can also influence these kinds of links.

For example, most of the walls, objects, and world can link almost anywhere, and their links change.

  • In the long hallway the doors along the wall have no specific link, they can all change depending on the scenario.
  • Most of the doors in the game follow this system as well.


Dynamic links may take you to the following areas: