Various phrases are attributed to the acronym LSD. These phrases are:

  • "Link Speed Dream" (official meaning from the now-defunct website)
  • "Lovely Sweet Dream" (dream journal)
  • "Lucy in the Sky with Dynamites" (nonstop mix CD)
  • "in Limbo, the Silent Dream." (Opening A)
  • "in Life, the Sensuous Dream." (Opening B)
  • "in Logic, the Symbolic Dream." (Opening C)
  • "in Leisure, the Sonorous Dream." (Opening D)
  • "in Laughter, the Spiritual Dream." (Opening E)
  • "in Lunacy, the Savage Dream." (Opening F)
  • "in Linking, the Sapient Dream." (Opening G)


  • "in Leisure, the Sonorous Dream" refers to the various sounds and music you hear in the game.
  • "in Linking, the Sapient Dream" refers to the realization that you are dreaming and linking.

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