LSD Dream Emulator Demo Movie 1997-1

LSD Dream Emulator Demo Movie 1997-1

Original description:

"LSD Dream Emulator demo video.
Looks to be pre rendered CGI, ingame beta testing and all sorts of oodles.

This video was uploaded to the companies website as a preview of the game.
Shows some areas which didn't make the final game, a beta Grey man, and maybe what looks like the player you play as."

Differences from the Final ReleaseEdit

  • There are doors you can open in the Bright Moon Cottage.
  • The scene of the Television is on the room of the Dying Woman (makes sense since the kanji says murder).
  • The Giant Baby does not headbutt you like in the final. Instead, it simply kisses you or eats you.
  • There was an entrance before you get to the Pit & Temple.
  • The sumo location is different. Unknown location with an object floating on the top. It seems the hole on the center had a purpose.
  • In Kyoto the Buddha Head Statue and the Hand were much bigger.
  • There was a location with plants and flowers and a path crossing green hills with a castle at the end.
  • A possible beta Greycoat with a blue cap and sunglasses. Similar to the Murderer and the ropes of the victim of the Gunman. Appears on Happy Town like the Greyman and also on the Bright Moon Cottage. He runs instead of floating. It linked with the Violence District.

    Comparison Beta Greycoat and Gunman Victim

    Maybe at some point the idea split into two separated ideas: The Murderer and Greycoat.
  • The Violence District seems darker, with the only thing visible being the circle of light from the lampposts. There is a running man that disappeared when you reach the place you saw him.
  • The train in Happy Town resembles Thomas the Tank Engine.
  • The Giant Baby's head looks more chunkier and wider than the final.
  • There are objects that never made it in the final, such as realistic Japanese style lights, a dining table with chairs, and what your player would've looked like from the front.