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Welcome to the LSD: Dream Emulator Wiki!

This is a Wiki about LSD: Dream Emulator, a Japanese game based on a dream journal kept for ten years by author Hiroko Nishikawa.
We are low on contributors, so if you have any knowledge of the game, add it here!

161 articles since December 2010.

Links and tutorials for downloading and playing the game on an emulator can be found here.

Note: The game has nothing to do with the creepypasta!


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  • edit The Sun
    edited by KiwiBikerCookie 1 day ago diff
    Summary: Photo shown depicted Sun in the Ferris Wheel clip, not the Sun from Happy Town.
  • discussion page Talk:Kitsune Shrine
    new comment by InLinkingtheSapientDream 1 day ago
    Comment: this reminds me of a Project diva f 2nd song.. it had 2 kitsune statues with a bunch of arches like those behind miku
  • edit Music
    edited by Kabumek 1 day ago diff
    Summary: The bit about changing the music on the starting day actually works at other places and on any given day. Thought it was worth changing. Sorry if the wording is odd.
  • discussion page Talk:The Gray Man
    new comment by SpringTrap001 1 day ago
    Comment: I'm definetly going to dress up as him  for halloween
  • discussion page Talk:Clockwork Machines
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 2 days ago
    Comment: 工/kō translates as Factory or Industrial 場/jō translates as Place or Field It can be translated as "Power Plant"; on that case, its kōba, and it's...
  • discussion page Talk:Data Analysis
    new comment by A Wikia contributor 2 days ago
    Comment: I've never described it better :) That's exactly what attracts me to this game... it's fassinating how someone can think on such mechanics; no...

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