Hoop and Stick Girl
Screen shot 2012-10-04 at 11.19.11 AM

A girl that sometimes spawns in the Black Space playing Hoop and Stick. Touching her links you to the Zen Garden in Kyoto.

She may be inspired by the girl appearing in the painting by artist Chirico. However this is unlikely, as hoop rolling has been a childs game for a long time.


The girl here looks very similar to the Hopscotch Girl in the Violence District, and the Hopscotch Girl is one of two ways to link to the Black Space. Maybe they're related?

While the Hopscotch Girl is wearing a dress which has a texture in the files of the game, the Hoop and Stick girl does not. So they're not wearing the exact same clothing. But other than that, there are no differences between them. Maybe the Black Space was the last location in the game that the developers made, and they were getting lazy with the design?

It has been also said that the Hoop and Stick girl is related to The Grayman somehow. It may be because they are similar in appearance (Black coloring).