PSOGL2 119
Wandering Serial Killer

The Gunman (or "Soldier", as the community has taken to calling him) is a person dressed in a cloak and helmet who appears near or inside the warehouses in the Violence District. He is seen brandishing a gun. When he appears in one of the warehouses, he may be standing right next to the door, shooting and startling any unsuspecting players, or in front of a fence, executing one of his victims. If approached, he will turn towards the player and shoot, causing the player to slowly fall over sideways and the screen to fade out. Following this, the dream will then either end, or you will be linked to the Clockwork Machines. Directly linking with him will also send you there, but this is difficult to do.

Sometimes if you get close to him in one of the warehouses, he will fall to the ground without shooting you, and if you touch him, he'll link you to the Clockwork Machines as usual.

He appears to be wielding some kind of rifle.

Gallery Edit

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