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Headless Giant Baby

There are a multitude of glitches that can occur in LSD, ranging from slightly humorous or stupid to game-crashing havoc.

What constitutes as a glitch?Edit

A glitch would be, by definition, a common pratfall of pretty much every videogame in history. An error in the programming not intended by the designer(s) that can cause facets of a videogame to go haywire (In LSD's case this is generally with the textures and certain objects).

Examples of known glitchesEdit

  • Mix-mashed textures that look corrupted beyond the shadow of a doubt, making everything look like an over-saturated 3D Atari game. Sometimes textures from other areas (Happy Town, Violence District, etc. . . .) appear on other objects, this is thought to be an issue with the texture algorithm being overloaded when played for too long without saving. When this happens the dreams are reported to be consistently short.
  • Parts of the game turning invisible, like the piers at the Violence District.
  • Being linked and having your character teleported into the ground or higher up in the air, sometimes causing a fall animation (That one may be intentional).
  • Walking in the streams of water and falling (Usually near the ship where the creek begins, and reportedly near the waterfall)
  • Different characters becoming corrupted/changing/swapping (Like with the Giant Baby losing its head). Not to mention boxed-out (Blocked) objects: Lions, fetuses, Buddhas, and what have you. You can hear them, even the fetus boxes spin, but that's about it.
  • Being teleported to areas with no programmed ground and immediately falling to your death (The building from Violence District may be intentional, but being linked to the foreground in the Clockwork Machines seems to be a mistake)
  • This is more of an exploit, but there's a glitch that can be manipulated to move the player past walls and anything with collision through a combination of directional buttons.
    • In the Violence District on the dock around Ghost Sailor if you go to the very end, turn around, walk, and turn right you can start to walk though the fence, you can start to walk around on the part of the map. Around 30 steps out you will fall and the dream will end. So far it has only been known to occur on pSX, and ePSXfn.
  • In more extreme cases, events and objects from other areas can mix together. The video below is a good example.
  • Flickering/Flashing water textures. This happens consistently in emulated versions of the game.