Giant Baby Head
Wall Head 2

A Giant Baby Head can appear in Kyoto in two places near or on walls of Monument Park.

Approaching the head causes its mouth to open, revealing a kanji character. It's possible to move whilst the Giant Baby head is showing the character. The head then flies into the sky and disappears.

Linking with the head will bring you to another part of Kyoto.

The Giant Baby Head is very similar to the Giant Head seen in the Bright Moon Cottage but lacking a body.

It is possible for 2 giant heads to spawn at once (see gallery).


Normal Textures 東 - East.

Downer Textures 惑 - Beguilement, delusion or perplexity.

Sexual Textures 京 - Kyoto, capital.

Kanji Textures 星 - Star.

東京 (Tōkyō) forms the word "Tokyo", and 惑星 (wakusei) forms the word "planet". Tōkyō Wakusei Planetokio (東京惑星プラネトキオ) would be another PlayStation game developed and released by Osamu Sato as a part of OutSide Directors Company the following year in 1999.

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