LSD Coverart

Cover art for LSD.

LSD is an open world exploration game based on the Dream Journal of Hiroko Nishikawa.

With no plot or objective to the game, you simply play and explore the dreams the way you want to. Touching objects and the world will link you to different areas or trigger specific clips. This process is called linking.

After the dream ends, it is rated depending on what you did. More information can be found on the Dream Chart page.

When progressing through the dreams, the way you choose to explore will determine how the world changes.


You can explore the dreamscape by using the PSX directional buttons. The X button is for running, R1 and L1 are for looking behind you, R2 and L2 are for strafing, △ is for looking up, ◻ is for looking down.

Explorable DreamsEdit

The dreams usually last about 10 minutes for most players. During this time, the player can explore the dreamscape and discover new things. There are 14 different areas that the player can explore, some of them can only be accessed through linking with certain objects.

Video DreamsEdit

Some dreams may consist only of strange videos, such as a child eating or pigeons flying in slow motion. It's not possible to skip them, and they usually last about a minute.


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