Long Hallway
PSOGL2 0202
Map Marker
Gray Man

The Long Hallway is an extensive corridor culminating in a square room. If you enter the room, the walls will fall away to reveal the sky, and you will either be pulled into it or pushed back into the hallway. You can link into this area by touching a tengu in Kyoto, touching the purple Child(ren) Tossing a Ball, touching the Father and Daughter in The Natural World, or by touching the sky picture on the second floor of the Bright Moon Cottage.

There are almost 50 doors, all with no specific links.

The walls at the beginning of the hallway will link you back to Bright Moon Cottage.

Sometimes the player will spawn directly in front of the door in it's breaking animation and will be pushed back into the floor halfway. The movement will cause the player to teleport back on the hallway floor.



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Trivia Edit

  • This area,along with Sun Faces Heave are the only areas with no dynamic objects.

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