Dreams are the main part of the game, and each day has a unique setting for them. On the very first day, you will spawn in the top floor of the Bright Moon Cottage. Depending on how you explore, the rating at the end of the dream will determine where you spawn in the next. The dreams will often vary in time,While some will be clips or Text Dreams, though most people tend to have longer dreams later in the game. It's possible to end a dream early by "dying", some ways include getting mauled by lions, dogs, or being shot.


Each day/dream has a specific setting for every area. The sky, fog, and the object/events are all pre-set for each day. For example, on day 3, the Bright Moon Cottage will always have a murky green sky.

Change in DreamsEdit

Even though each day has settings pre-set for each dream, many aspects of the game will change depending on what the player does. The game takes note of how the player explores, what's been linked with, the time, and a number of other factors. The chart rating and linking process are the most notable examples of player-driven change. The textures could be related to the actions of the player, but this is undocumented.