Head creature
PSOGL2 010

The Doubleface creature is a short, anthropomorphic head with tiny arms, legs, and a face on both sides; the orientation of their hands and feet being the only clue as to whether they're actually "facing" you or not. The faces are distinctly masculine, distinguishing them from the Giant Head and Fetuses found in other areas of the game. They can only be found at the Bright Moon Cottage.

Doubleface can spawn in two areas of the cottage: behind the bar, and in the front yard next to the tree. Multiple Doublefaces can occupy the cottage at once, sometimes even spawning in the same location and overlapping each other.


Doubleface remain stationary until you approach them. The one behind the bar dances in place (or occasionally grows exceptionally thin and long), while the other will begin running toward the exit. Unlike most other objects in the game, the player does not get linked if a Doubleface touches you on its own.




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