Clockwork Machines
Gear nrm Pistons-01
Gray Man

The Clockwork Machines or Gear Room is an area mostly accessed through the Violence District, though it can be linked to from other locations. It is also possible to begin a dream in this room.

In general, linking with man-made things in the Violence District will send you here; the graffiti on the walls, the crane, guard rails around the crane, or the Gunman.

The main section contains an Orrery, and further down you can see some machinery that appears to be an ore mine.

On rare occasions, the player will spawn below the machinery. However, there is no collision data in this area so moving will cause the player to fall out of the world, ending the dream.

If the orrery is present, looking up at it will play the gears cinematic and end the dream. If the orrery is missing its stand will not do anything.

The wall behind the orrery will always link back to the eye graffiti in the Violence District.

In some dreams, the machinery and orrery can be missing completely.