A clip is a short video that can be triggered by touching significant objects, or just part of the video collection seen when the game starts up. When a certain set of spaces on the graph are filled, you have a dream that is a collection of most of the live-action clips.

Intro ClipsEdit

Seen upon starting the game, and leaving the menu running.

Events Edit

These videos can be found by performing certain actions in-game.

  • Ferris Wheel - A short clip of riding a ferris wheel up into the night sky. A sun with a face is seen. Encountered after touching the Ferris Wheel in Happy Town.
  • Airplanes - A video of airplanes flying. Encountered randomly after approaching the Ghost Sailor, when the Plane appears.
  • City - A clip about flying over Violence District. Encountered randomly after linking with the Small Ghosts in the Violence District.
  • Gears - Shows gears and mechanisms working at different angles. Encountered after looking up at the Clockwork Machine.
  • Rose Petals - Shows rose petals blowing past a black screen. Can be triggered by staring at the bell in Kyoto from near the entrance, but the exact criteria are not well-documented.
Screen shot 2012-05-27 at 4.53.45 PM

From the Ferris Wheel clip.

Video Dreams Edit

These dreams only have a chance of appearing on specific days, alongside the Text Dreams.

  • Child Eating - A clip where a young Japanese child eats with a spoon. The food which the child eats is what appears to be sausage. Encountered in Day 014.
    SLPS 015.56 07122014 184009 0250

    From the Sheep clip.

    Educational Video - A strange educational video similar to ones that would be shown in school.
    Screen shot 2012-05-24 at 10.08.19 AM

    Flying over the Violence District.

  • Industry Clip - A clip that shows different prospects of industry, most notably smokestacks.
  • Sheep Clip - Consists of sheep running across the screen at a slow rate, and gradually grows faster and faster until the sheep is so fast it is just a white blur. The sheep are timed at the bottom of the screen.
    Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 10.01.48 AM

    From the Newspaper clip.

  • Gold Fish Clip - Triggered randomly. Consists of a shot of an elevator door. The doors open, and a bowl with a goldfish inside of it is revealed. A crowd cheers off screen, and a close up of the goldfish is seen. The goldfish swims around a little bit, until the doors close again and the crowd goes quiet.
    SLPS 015.56 07122014 185056 0515

    From the Man Walking clip.

  • Television Static - Triggered randomly. The SMPTE color bars will show with a loud, long beep, and then fade out into static, which in turn fades into the LSD logo. The dream then ends.
  • Newspaper Clip - Triggered randomly after the first video reel. Shows various words on tombstones, money and whatnot in Russian. Numerous references to the USSR/CCCP are shown.
  • Acrobatics Clip - Triggered randomly. Shows animations of various acrobatic movements. Very blurry.
  • Alarm Clock Clip - Triggered randomly after first video reel. Starts off like the Gold Fish Clip, but inside the elevator is an alarm clock stopped on 11:20. A very loud ringing noise plays as it zooms in to show the clock with lightning bolts flashing between the two bells. The elevator closes and the dream ends.
    Screen shot 2012-09-26 at 8.12.54 PM

    Alarm Clock Clip.

  • Two Children Clip - Two children standing in an urban area, looking up at a highrise giggling. The giggles of the two childs cannot be heard. The two children are the same in the clip, just that there were two takes of the child, then merged to look like there was only one take and two children.
  • Man Walking Clip - A man walking down a walkway holding a cane in one hand and a plastic bag in the other, walking slowly and the clip was fading in and out of its self showing him walking down and through the alleyway.
  • SLPS 015.56 07122014 183755 0140

    From the Market Clip.

    Second Gold Fish Clip - Two fish are seen swimming around in a bowl. One of them appears to be the one seen in the elevator clip.
SLPS 015.56 07122014 185141 0140

From the Second Gold Fish Clip


From the Pigeon Clip

  • Market Clip - A video of what seems to be a japanese market in color negative. A lightbulb is seen closely at the end.
  • Pigeon Clip - Several feral pigeons are seen flying around, Some are landing on a ledge, some are on the ground.

Other Edit

  • Ending - Plays at the end of Day 365.