Bright Moon Cottage
PSOGL2 022
Map Marker
Gray Man

The Bright Moon Cottage (also called Shining Moon Apartment) is a traditional Japanese style apartment complex where the player always starts the game. It consists of four floors along with a roof which can be accessed. The ground floor contains a bar and an entrance. The other three floors all contain rooms lined up along a hallway where some objects can be seen. The top floor also has a larger room with a bathroom door and a fireplace. Outside the building, a lawn with a tree can be seen in front of a tunnel leading to the Natural World.

Other InformationEdit

  • The player automatically walks down the stairs between floors, unless they walk backwards.
  • It is possible to run down the stairs.
  • The building can be seen in the Natural World from the far side of the walled area.
  • Looking down while facing the first window on the top floor can cause the Giant Head to appear. 
  • An unused room is featured behind the WC door on the first floor. It appears to be the same size as the bathrooms featured in the 1997 Demo Movie
  • The "D" variant of Bright Moon Cottage's Music is corrupt, and does not play in the game.


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