• Linking System Device

    Day 249

    October 28, 2012 by Linking System Device

    Day 249

    Spawn: Kyoto

    Rating: 1 DYNC; inner, face ( this two words are explained on my LSD viewed by Linking System Device page)

    Gray Man: No

    Death: No

    Links: 3 WH; 2 BLU; 2 GT

    Fake Place: No

    M clip: No

    m clip: No

    Locations: HT; SB; P&T; 2, NW; BMC; VD - - - -> This line indicates which location I've seen and how many times.

    Textures: 6, normal; 1, happy - - - -> This line indicates which texture sets I've encontered and how many times.

    Day's History - - - -> This represents in what order things happen in a day.

    WH; HT, happy - > BLU; SB, normal -> BLU; P&T, normal -> GT; NW, normal -> WH, VD, no-rmal -> WH; BMC, normal -> GT; NW, normal -> END

    • For Locations line; HT= Happytown VD= Violence District NW= Natural World KYO= Kyoto SB= Sun Bridge ( Sun Fa…
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  • Linking System Device

    Day 248

    October 27, 2012 by Linking System Device

    Day 248

    Spawn: Kyoto

    Rating: 2 DOWN, 1 DYNC

    Gray Man: No

    Death: Yes - - - -> This will tell you if I died in the Day

    Links: 4 WH; 1 BLA; 1 GT( Gray tunnels)

    Fake Place: No - - - -> This means if I ended my dream by appearing in a fake place( explained below)

    M clip: No - - - -> This means if I got a Major clip

    m clip: No - - - -> This means if I got a Minor clip

    • For the Fake Place line: sometimes during the day you might end up in area of a location where if you move, you fall and then die; I call those areas "fake places".
    • The M clip, m clip, Fake Place and Death lines have been "erased" on Day 277; at their place I've put only the line END, which tells you about how the day finished. If I got a M clip, starting from day 277, I'll wrtite it in the …
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  • Linking System Device

    Day 247

    October 26, 2012 by Linking System Device

    This is my firts blog post and also my first day notes. Here we have a basic explanation of the design of my notes, and if you want to know more read the points under this day. Let me know if you want to see my other day's notes. I've also put a very short definition next to each line, to know what do they mean in general.

    Day 247 - - - -> This is the number of the day that I've taken notes of.

    Spawn: Kyoto. - - - - > This means in which location I spawned.

    Rating: 3 UP, 2 DYNC - - - -> This is the rating I got in the graph.

    Gray Man: No. - - - -> This is about this special entity, the Gray Man. I.E. Number of meets, if I've touched him, ecc.

    Links: 10 WH; 1 BLA. - - - -> This indicates the total number of links, and also how many links of the …

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  • LunacySavageDream


    July 19, 2012 by LunacySavageDream


    Hello, I'm a big fan of LSD: Dream emulator and I intend to revive this wiki and for it to become a large source of information on this game.

    See you around the wiki!

    - LunacySavageDream, or "Blind"

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  • Shieldbeard

    Face Bridge.

    June 11, 2012 by Shieldbeard

    Hi i was wondering if anyone knows how to get to the Face Bridge from Happy Town.

    I haven't figured it out yet.

    And this game is the scariest game i have ever played.

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  • Will219

    Hello everyone

    February 6, 2012 by Will219

    Hello everyone my name is Billy and I love this game.

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