PSOGL2 015
The Gray Man

Kyoto is an area within the dream-scape that resembles an older Japanese city. It's most likely based on the real city of Kyoto in Honshu, Japan.


In one particular area, there is a Zen Rock Garden, with black and white patterns on the floor.

There are small fenced in areas. They have four entryways, and various different objects in them, like Shrine Bell and the Hand Statue.

There is a temple here that leads into the Temple Dojo area along with a large grey building in the abandoned part of town that leads you to the green fields.

There is an area called Monument Park within Kyoto that's completely surrounded by a stone wall, which is accessible though a tunnel.

When linking with the wall inside the tower in Kyoto, you'll be sent to the bottom of Moonlight Tower, the only link that goes there.

There are large statues of a head, hand, and foot. They are believed to be Buddha's.

Kyoto is one of the main locations displayed on the map.

Interacting with the Old Woman can sometimes cause everything in Kyoto to stretch upwards.



壱 - "one"
弐 - "two" 
(Different ways to write one and two .Other ways would be 一 and 二)

Kyoto Building Signs ほね - The kana is actually backwards, but you can still tell it says "hone" in hiragana. Hone could mean "bone", "the
rib of an umbrella", "frame", or "difficulty".





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